The Topography of Liminal Space

Early praise

"Dr. Farris successfully combines her personal discovery of liminal space with an academic view on the subject. In this way, she is discussing the real experience patients are having when dealing with loss and trauma." ~ Dr. John Kenyon

"With her move to the rhythms of the body and brain, and the spaces between people and partners, Dr. Farris is creating new extensions for liminal space in depth psychology." ~ Dr. Jennifer Leigh Selig, Professor of Depth Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute

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MESHE, HESHE, MISON & ORBIT: What My Grandmother Taught Me About the Universe 

Professional Endorsements

"Karen Deborah Farris has given us more than a magical, mystical tale. It is an inspired guidebook, enlightening the reader with practical tools for surviving life's inevitable and often unavoidable transitions. I found it a sweet and solid book, an enriching reminder of ways to savor the joy of life." ~ Cheryl Tiegs - Actress/Model

"I read it cover to cover, and the only time I put it down was to eat. I must have dog-eared 20 pages. I kept coming across things and saying, 'I want to read that again. I want to go back because that just reminded me of something I'd forgotten.' It was warm, inviting and very real. I got a lot out of it." ~ Benjamin Shield, Healers on Healing, For The Love of God

"This book is full of wonderful and practical tools for living and learning. It gives lots of examples and reasons for reflecting, savoring and fully appreciating life and everything it has to offer." ~ Whole Life Times

"This book has a remarkable gift inside: a framework for healing the self...that goes way beyond Id, Ego, and Superego. A medicine story as powerful and relevant as the The Education of Little Tree, The Celestine Prophecy, and Medicine Woman. MESHE, HESHE, MISON & ORBIT takes us to the place our souls feel at home. Plus, it's written beautifully!" ~ Kathryn L. Robyn, Spiritual Housecleaning

"The MESHE concept is unique and completely intriguing. You use it fruitfully, touching on fundamental human-relational issues in a way that lets a reader "get" things they might not usually know how to put into perspective." ~ Doug Childers, Bridge Between Worlds

"I have seen more people touched by this book and workshops than I can list. I personally experienced what MESHE can help you face and realize, and would recommend it to anyone. With the numerous options of books out there, it is nice to have a book that honestly stands out and speaks for itself, if only it would actually yell, Look at me! I am what you need!" ~ Carrie Laish, Community Relations Manager, Barnes & Noble

"A remarkable little book. Underneath what first appears to be a simple coming of age story is a profound teaching tool for all ages. Farris has invoked the ancient wisdom of the archetypal grandmother to create a unique and original set of tools for achieving a more conscious relationship with life." ~ Cye Hoffman, Ph.D - Jungian Psychologist

Readers' Comments

"I love the conversational style. It's simple, straightforward, colorful and descriptive; a feast for the right brain." ~ Vivien G, Southern California

"Beautiful, visual and sensual... I laughed and I cried. Thank you." ~ Scott S, Southern California

"I finished the book in two nights ... just couldn't delay my gratification. I loved it and learned a lot from it. I had this sense of urgency thinking about how there was a specific message in there for just about everyone I know and I had to get a copy for each of them." ~ Victoria H, Missouri

"I'm glad you chose to teach this through a story, instead of just explaining the words. It kept my interest up. Thanks for the good experience!" ~ Mark D, Maryland

"A wise and delightful book. The light practical tone brings the reader, young and old, to both recognition and acceptance of a way of dealing with the elements of growth and change." ~ Shirley M, Louisiana

"A delight to read. Thought provoking, enchanting, enticing. A pleasant route for a person to arrive at peace with oneself." ~ Peggy S, California

"Exceptionally well written. I enjoyed it immensely. The kids and I are going to start our own MESHE Charts. I've explained to them what it's for and they are both interested in getting it going. I, too, am excited to start my own Chart, so that I can have more clarity in my life and be in MESHE always." ~ Rebecca E, Alaska

"I have read most all of the non-fiction self-help books on the market today, and with each of them I had to refer to the book to tell my friends what I had learned. But with your book, the moment I finished reading it I had the knowledge within me." ~ Maria M, Southern California

"Your book was delightful and it helped me out of a jam I was in. We had company coming to visit and I had to clean out the spare room. I'd been avoiding the job for three years. But now I had to do it. After reading your book I decided to get into MESHE with cleaning the room, and just like Kaydee did I went through every step asking myself, Do I hate this? Before I knew it the entire room was cleared. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful outlook on life." ~ Roberta D, Southern California

"Your story not only calls us to look at ourselves, but to celebrate Self. It reminds us to embrace our individuality and allow it to shine. In a society that seems to promote conformity and squelch individuality, this serves as an important reminder to us as adults--that children are not to be groomed in our image, but allowed to grow and flourish into their own unique being. It seems the best way to encourage children to revel in their uniqueness is for us to live this truth ourselves." ~ Renee A, Pennsylvania

"After my reading sessions I didn't feel so alone in my thoughts. I think that every young girl or boy for that matter should have this book read to them at an early age, not just as a story but more a piece to the puzzle--"The Meaning of life", one that they can build on and ask questions about. A foundation for hopes and dreams. The benefit I got as a grown woman was wonderful. My mom's best friend has a daughter struggling with not feeling good about herself. I thought a book she could read on her own might show her that she has a light all her own, and it's OK, in fact it's beautiful." ~ Tara S, Oregon