MESHE Workshops


"KD is fantastic. She taught me how to find my inner self. She opened my eyes to many things." ~ Lisette DeBruycker

"I love the MESHE Workshop—my soul feels attended to." ~ Jean Thomas

"Therapy can be FUN! Thank you so much—wonderful and creative—safe and supportive atmosphere." ~ Jonnie Schmidt 

"Inspiring, you make clarifying one's issues seem possible and doable in a systematic manner. Thanks." ~ Kaleeny Cannon

"This workshop is empowering—a perfect way to figure out how to make yourself happy. I haven't had this type of fun since I was a little. What a great week!" ~ Amber Kain

"Thanks so much. I learned to focus on what is important to me. I also learned to isolate things that I need to work on so that I am not overwhelmed by all I want to accomplish." ~ Margi Stoh

archetypes of the feminine & masculine


"I learned so much from this workshop, I can no longer look at life in the same way!" ~ MN

"This workshop was so amazing! It was such an opening for me . . . . I really appreciate how much care and passion you both have." ~ MD

"Excellent work! Thank you! I go to workshops like these with my wife all the time. This is by far the best I’ve ever attended. I really got a lot out of it for myself. And a great value!" ~ Topanga, November 2010Your work is invaluable in helping people to live a more conscious, prosperous life." ~ Topanga Workshop Attendee, February 2011

"I highly recommend this workshop as well, took it last year in LA and Gary and KD did a fabulous job of relating the material and pulling it all together, both in terms of the model put forth and the various archetypes discussed. They also made it relevant in terms of digging into our own individual archetypes - those we live with on a daily basis. It was tremendously enlightening for me personally, and I think for many who were there that weekend." ~ Los Angeles Workshop Attendee, May 2012 

"I am not only repeating your workshop next month, I am extending an invitation to my friends because I see the value this work has in empowering all of us to fulfill our soul’s purpose. I’m sure looking forward to deepening these powerful tools to make a greater difference and live a more fulfilling life!" ~ Topanga Workshop Attendee, February 2011

"This is material we can relate to and use to understand ourselves and those close to us. I feel like it’s okay to be who we are!" ~ Huntington Beach Workshop Attendee, February 2011

"I’m grateful for how this workshop has given me concrete, practical tools for applying the feminine and masculine archetypes into my life, in becoming a whole, integrated, fully expressed woman." ~ C.K, Marina del Rey

"I especially appreciate your looking into the shadow side of the archetypes as well as the expression of their fullness." ~ Topanga Workshop Attendee, November 2010

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