For Anyone Who's Ever Lost Themselves

An Introduction to MESHE, HESHE, MISON & ORBIT

Pronounced MESHE (mee-shee), HESHE (hee-shee), MISON (my-sahn) & ORBIT (or-bit) this cosmology presents an interactive, practical set of tools for personal development, enlightenment, and harmony. These interweaving principles show us that our most complicated and complex problems share basic common denominators with our more mundane concerns. This complete and comprehensive model can bring healing, wholeness, and insight to most any situation. Revolutionary and yet simple to apply, MHMO teaches us that whatever we may desire or wish to achieve in any aspect of life, it all begins with these four principles.

MESHE is our relationship with self.

HESHE is our relationship with other, it takes place in the space between ourselves and another person (place or thing).

MISON is our relationship with life itself. It is the source of the clean, clear space.

ORBIT is to have fallen out of relationship with self, life & other, entering repetitive patterns of "false" thought, feeling and action. Our relationship with ORBIT is as vital and important as MESHE, HESHE and MISON.

MESHE Charting takes the principles of MHMO and expresses them through a variety of shapes and locations onto a MESHE Chart, which in turn generates new clarity and direction in one's awareness, and consequently in one's life. It is a gentle process that has proven to bring profound results. MESHE Charting is a process of "Ask Question, Draw Answer." Questions fall into the following categories:

  • What You Like & Love (personal preferences)
  • Your Physical Body & Environment (external world)
  • Your Creativity & Expression (what you do and what is revealed of yourself in your doings)
  • Your Inner Landscape & Resources (intuition and capacity to self-refer)
  • Your Authority & Personal Truthz (what you know in the world and about yourself)

MESHE Charting workshops also include charting for HESHE, MISON & ORBIT.

Also taught in a week long format as, Kindergarten for the Soul: Rediscovering Your Spirit.

This workshop series when geared toward Youth & Teens is entitled, Self-Empowerment from the Inside Out because of its gentle reflection upon, and support in the development of, a youth's sense of self.

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