Relationship Workshop Series

Love is our birthright, yet when it comes to romantic relationships many of us have a hard time finding a good partner and/or keeping love and happiness alive within our partnerships. This workshop series explores four key concepts and philosophies in support of healthy relationships, which unfold in five distinct topics:

Relationship Dynamics: A visual model delineates the process through which we maintain healthy relationships by pointing out that we have three distinct relationships in our lives: with ourselves, with others , and with life itself. Keeping these three relationships in buoyancy with each other is the secret to healthy boundaries and to not losing ourselves. 

Communication: Communication theories and techniques are presented for successful speaking and listening which are drawn from Harville Hendrix' Couple's Dialogue that uses a process of mirroring, validation, and empathizing in order to promote deeper levels for hearing and being heard.

Compatibility: most people’s image of a compatible mate is a superhuman version of themselves.

Chemistry: Whether you struggle with passionate relationships that pulse too hot to create safe bonding, or safe relationships that lack sexual tension, this topic is for you! 

Differentiation: Intimacy is achieved when we love another, not a mirrored version of ourselves. Differentiation is the means by which we acknowledge and achieve loving another for who they actually are, seperate from ourselves and outside of our comfort zones. 

"A great help in my search for the balanced relationship, this presentation answered many of my questions on how to achieve the positive, love affirming union that I'd mostly heard about and rarely seen. KD's information was easy to understand and apply to my real life dilemma, and her presentation style and overall message made me come away with a feeling of hope for a higher level of relationship." ~ Darryl B. (Los Angeles)