For Anyone Who Has Ever Lost Themselves: 

This workshop goes to the heart of Dr KD's approach to counseling and therapeutic goals—focusing on the interweaving relationship with self, life, and other, that is our journey through life.

An art-filled exploration combining personal process with tools for understanding, connecting, and being in partnership with, the whole that makes up your life experience.

MESHE (mee-shee) is your relationship with yourself. HESHE (hee-shee) is your relationship with other, it takes place in the "space" between yourself and another person (place, thing, thought, or action). MISON (my-sahn) is your relation with life itself, it is the source of this buffering "space." ORBIT is when we fall out of relationship with self, other, and life, subjecting us to repetitive patterns of thought, feeling, and action which do not represent our truest nature or life's truth in the present moment. ORBIT is as much a part of the natural process of living as are MESHE, HESHE, and MISON.

When & Where: Noon to 4pm, Sunday, June 19th in Montecito, CA

Fee: $85 per meeting (includes a $5 material fee) Due in full at time of registration

To Register: Email or Phone (310) 578-6163

Refund Policy: 100% refund within 48 hrs, $16 fee thereafter

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Speaking engagements consist of 45 to 90 minute presentations followed by a 15 to 30 minute question-and-answer period. Workshops are 4 hours for one day. Week Long Workshops are 4 hours/day for 4 days.

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