Stress Reduction: Ultradian Rhythms of Rest & Recovery for Modern Man

  • ultradian rhythms are innate rest and recovery cycles occuring in the human body every 90 to 120 minutes
  • heeding the call to rest during these regular intervals promotes physical health and mental relaxation, while increasing short and long range productivity, as well as host of other benefits 
  • overriding these natural rhythms causes physical, mental and emotional stress which appears in the body as lowered performance, disturbed sleep cycles, eratic mood swings, short temperedness, to name a few
  • in addition, sources of stress related to experiences of "subordination" are reviewed, and one's mental attitude is reviewed for its participation in the relief of this real world condition

Speaking engagements usually consist of 25 to 45 minute presentations followed by a 15 to 45 minute question-and-answer period.