Comments from Sponsors & Hosts

"Your presentation was academically brilliant. Articulate, well-communicated and extremely helpful. The group did not want to go home!" ~ Marguerite Cummings, Sponsoring Host, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Altadena

"KD has made such a beautiful impact on my yoginis and I. I am very picky about the workshops and goods I present to my clients and I can honestly say with complete confidence that my yoginis and I are safe in her hands. She is a beautiful, wise and warm hearted woman and I consider us so blessed to have her in our lives. ~ The Tini Yogini, Sarah Stevenson, Certified Yoga Instructor & Freelance Writer

"Needless to say, last night was a complete smash! I cannot thank you enough for being such a great guest speaker. Your enthusiasm, energy, time, and efforts are appreciated beyond words. You truly have a gift." ~ Creators of "Fabulous Women's Night"

"Monthly for five years we have faithfully gathered to participate in your teachings. You have added another dimension to the work we are already doing in the world. Thank you for strengthening our teachers as you lift and enlighten their souls, while enhancing the experience of their normal, every day lives." ~ Mariaemma Willis, Learning Success Institute

Endorsements from the Liminal Space Workshop Series

"These are new expressions of matters of being. Looking at cycles of life in this way, really takes the anxiety out of times when things fall apart." ~ Paul Hagen

"Educating and personally expansive, this evening has helped me to understand the role I have been playing in the lives of many people close to me." ~ Sophie Kessler

 "As you spoke, I began to see my younger life cycles as a series of liminal cycles, brought on by addictive episodes that disrupted my life structure, forcing me to find deeper and deeper levels of acceptance, surrender, trust and serenity. There is much to explore from this perspective." ~ Anonymous

"Excellent! Fascinating and compelling! KD is wonderfully clear—" ~ Sally Johnstone

 "I've thought of the variations in my own energy cycles throughout the day as a problem to be solved. Now I am going to to be led by them. Thank you!" ~ M.B.

 "My daughter's husband died in June and she has moved back home. The material I learned today has helped me to see not only that I need to listen to her more, but how to do so. Just the place she is in I can understand better. It is all so very helpful." ~ Anonymous

"Liminality is the glue for many other concepts that have different names. I found it very integrative." ~ Jane O.

"Since learning about liminal space, I am no longer afraid of it nor do I experience it as something to fear or avoid. I now welcome these periods of darkness, transtion, and uncertainty, as opportunities.  Your talk gave me many missing pieces, helping me see these condtions as a natural, physiological process. I think that most people who suffer from any form of "depression" do not have this information. I was in therapy for 25 years but had heard nothing of it. You are a pioneer. I'll be so glad to see you when you return to speak more on this topic." ~ Anonymous

"I have gotten so much out of this presentation. It is perfect for my workshop and for just about everyone I meet it seems!!!" ~ Valerie Bowman, San Francisco

"KD was stupendous—direct, knowledgeable, charming and honest.  She organized fascinating material on a subject that will go on in all our minds, as we recognize the presence of liminal space in ourselves and others." ~ Shirley Paukulis

"I so appreciated the grace, intelligence and spiritual juice KD exuded in her presentation. Oh, and her precious sense of humor!" ~ John B.

"Having suffered a tremendous loss five years ago that thrust me into an odyssey which I did not understand; and having no other option but to think there has been something terribly wrong with me this whole time; I find in today's presentation meaning and understanding for my journey. KD has not only described exactly my experience of the last five years, but she has also presented me with a context in which to accept this period of time. I now feel as if I can harness the gifts of my journey and begin to reassemble a functioning and happy life for myself." ~  Vivien Kooper, author of The Straight Truth, Final Driveand Making Hollywood Magic