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Specializing in Couples & Individuals in Transition

"Working with KD has helped me not only survive some of the toughest times in my life, but feel more present and human through them." ~  Creator/Executive Producer, Prime Time, CBS/Fox Studios

Video Description of Therapeutic Approach 

"My experience with Dr. KD has been a rich and evolving dialog moving swiftly to uncover blocks of oversight, denial, and awareness. She is gentle but assertive with a light touch and mutual, friendly interest to discover truth, well being and the source of our joy." ~ Paul Fischer, Northern California

Dr. KD's Approach

"Thank you for helping me get personal power back in my life." Peter O., London 

My approach with clients is largely intrapsychic, in that attention is first placed within the client's mind and psyche before seeking resolve from the outside world. Through this process of self-reflection and self-referring, clients learn to become aware of their own psychical material as it arises in the dynamics between themselves and others. 

In the often uncomfortable situations which can arise within personal dynamics, if we train ourselves, we can begin to see and hear our limiting thoughtforms at play. When we understand where our own material is located, it is far easier to assess what we need from ourselves and others, and how we are being affected by our environment.

When approached skillfully, this intrapsychic process is a method for reclaiming the projections of our unresolved history. Identifying and releasing the resulting thoughtforms (what Jungian's refer to as "complexes") is paramount if we are to live freely within ourselves and happily alongside others. In this way, we build strong relationships with the world and people around us, and more significantly, with ourselves.

Releasing thoughtforms is both a learned skill and a natural unfolding. By placing attention on the organic aspects of this practice, we face squarely the obstacles to awareness and facilitate a natural unwinding toward wholeness. The resulting harmony from such a discourse between the conscious and unconscious is an illumined psyche. There's no greater gift than to know we can meet anything that arises in our world.

"Dr. KD is a Goddess of Compassion in the modern day world, skillfully guiding people through life's most discombobulating experiences with authority and boldness. She is who and what we need beside us when walking through the valley of darkness--if what we desire is to arrive transformed on the other side." ~ F.S.D., Jersey City

This intrapsychic practice draws on the following bodies of knowledge:

  • Jungian Psychology
  • Buddhist Psychology
  • Vipassana Meditation
  • Mind-Body Hypnotherapy
  • Presence & Deep Listening
  • Imago Dialogue
  • Judgments & Thoughtforms
  • Concepts of MESHE, HESHE, MISON & ORBIT
  • Archetypes
  • Liminality

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