Dr. KD Farris

is Talking about People in Transition 

also known as "Liminal Space" 

"With her move to the rhythms of the body and brain, and the spaces between people and partners, Dr. Farris is creating new extensions for liminal space in depth psychology." ~ Dr. Jennifer Leigh Selig, Professor of Depth Psychology

"The goal of our work together is for you to know that you can meet anything with grace and skill, capacity and love. You need not be afraid of yourself; you need not be afraid of your life." ~ Dr. KD Farris

Specializing in Couples & Individuals in Transition

Liminal space is characterized as that space brought about by a destabilizing rupture of what was once a place of solid grounding for the ego. It is that dimension "betwixt and between" the now-disoriented ego and the as-yet discovered new footing. It is that initiatory moment when the known shore disappears from view and the new horizon has yet to appear—liminal space is the unknown sea that psyche must navigate.

Areas of discussion in Workshops & Speaking Engagements:

  • Several characteristics of liminal terrain can be charted, some of which are mirrored in the natural world, others of which are cultivated in our daily lives
  • The ubiquitous nature of liminality's terrain, such as is found in the rhythms of the human body, in personal relationships, and in contemporary day-to-day life 
  • Specific "attitudes of relationship" with regard to liminal space can be embraced by initiates which may in turn enable them to better meet and sustain varying levels of discomfort inherent within prolonged liminal periods
  • Areas of and processes within liminal space are identified and explored as orienting points in this terrain of the in-between  
  • The importance of the kinds of support liminal initiates might need and what onlookers who want to become engaged might offer to one ensconced in the magical, transformative field that is liminal space
"KD is unafraid of the in between spaces and she can help one to navigate those spaces much more gracefully." Tara Topper, M.A., Licensed Professional Counselor