Private Practice


KD has a big brain. Her breadth of knowledge is matched only by her depth of compassion and understanding. ~ GK, San Francisco

I value and admire KD's insightfulness. She has so many tools and skills, angles and approaches from which to look at things. I can always count on her to shed light and new perspective on whatever I bring to her. ~ SG, Los Angeles

I am so profoundly grateful for the help KD has given me in realizing the importance of setting boundaries in my life. I have spent most of my life not really knowing how to set boundaries and this inability has caused a lot of pain, stress and challenge for me as a parent and as a husband. This struggle was made (seemingly insurmountably) more difficult by the fact that the partner I had chosen suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder, and (as I came to realize through working with KD) what my partner needed most in order to have a functional relationship with another person were firm, healthy boundaries. I've seen many therapists over the twenty plus years of my marriage and I have learned from all of them, but the level of insight and depth of understanding that KD has shown in facing my inner most issues has really accelerated my growth as a human being. ~ RY, Ontario

KD is always 100% present during my sessions. This is a new experience for me. I value with equal passion the unconditional support I feel from her, her immense integrity as a therapist, and her commitment to and respect for my process. Her deep listening and patience has allowed me to take the time and silence I have needed without feeling pushed for answers. The changes in my life as a result have found me with greater trust, peace, and forward movement than I have known in many, many years.  ~ GS, Los Angeles

KD is not your typical therapist. She's far more interested in my soul's unfurling than in analyzing me out of my spirit. She focuses less on what went wrong in the past and more on deepening my relationship with myself, with others, and with life itself. I come away from our sessions empowered, asking better questions and feeling understood in a way I don't get from many others. When I lose myself, I often count on KD to help me find myself again. ~ TT, Denver

Working with KD has been a life changing journey for me. She gives such deep insight and perspective on my personal problems, engaging me with wise, gentle, yet straight forward and honest approaches to my personal issues. It is a enormous relief to talk to her about the challenges in my life. I live out of the country and find my phone sessions to be just as powerful and intimate as meeting in person. I can be anywhere in the world and still get to talk to KD. What a huge plus. ~ DS, Johannesburg

KD worked with me in aspects of healing emotionally through identifying my feelings, sitting with bad feelings, and how to be happy with who I am as a person. She taught me how to journal my feelings and direct my emotions in productive ways through art and meditation therapy. KD also worked to help me navigate new relationships and friendships, empowering me to trust my intuition and make decisions based on known truths. I encourage others to work with KD in their journey through life’s unexpected twists and turns. ~ JM, Thousand Oaks

My husband and I were at eachother's throats. He didn't want to go to therapy so I began working with KD myself. Working with her saved my marriage. After a few months, my husband was so curious about the changes in me that he wanted to work with KD too. We did one couple's session with her and found the missing piece in our relationship that allowed us to reconnect and to live in peace and harmony again. I tell everyone: KD saved my life! KD saved my marriage! ~ LT, Tampa

KD helped me save my life, and then imparted to me the skills required to live it with verve. When I first started working with KD I was a heroin addict hell-bent on killing myself...KD has consistently been slick enough to outwit my ridiculously talented demons when no one else could. I consider her a modern day medicine woman and a spiritual teacher with the heart of a warrior. She has taught me everything from how to enjoy washing my dishes to how to evoke a tangible and heartfelt relationship with my very soul. What she has done for my life surpasses any psychological therapeutic model I have known. I will forever be grateful to the woman I call, "the Quan Yin of liminal space," who walks with a big stick. I truly believe I am still breathing because of KD. ~ ID, Carefree AZ

KD is always impressing me with a new piece of knowledge. There are hundreds of little things she has taught me that I use on a daily basis. For instance, her theory on what she calls "minor adjustments."  I always thought I couldn't read before I went to bed at night because there wasn't enough time. But with minor adjustments I realize it's okay to just read five or six pages of a book. I don't have to read the whole thing. That may itself sound minor but when you add up all the little things, they constitute a whole new way of living. For me, that way has meant the difference between daily angst and overall fulfillment. I'm eternally grateful to KD for all she has taught me over the years. ~ SD, Los Angeles

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