Dr. KD Farris’ In-Office & Phone Counseling Terms

In Office 

  • There are currently two office locations from which Dr KD sees clients 
    • Santa Barbara & Beverly Hills
    • Address and directions for these locations will be given at the time your first appointment is set

Phone Work & Skype: Calling In

  • Please call in at the time of your session (Skype callers, use Video unless otherwise determined) 
    • Dr KD will not be initiating your call, so please call in at your scheduled appointment time
  • There are two phone numbers you will need for your Phone-In Sessions: 
    • Office (310) 578-6163 and Cell
    • The cell phone number will be given to you when you book your first appointment—if it is not given to you, be sure to ask for the number prior to your initial call
  • Skype callers will be given the Skype Account information when you book your first appointment
  • When calling:
    • Call the office number first—if there is no answer, leave a message, then hang up and call the cell phone number, if there is no answer on the cell, leave a message, hang up, and kindly wait
      • You will receive a return call shortly
    • For Skype, if your initiated call is not answered, please hang up and kindly wait, a return call will follow shortly
    • Sessions that follow this "return call" pattern will receive the full amount of session time—as a consequence, it is good, whenever possible, to allow extra time should your session run late due to a necessary call back

Session Rates

  • Talk Therapy, Bodywork, Executive Coaching and Energy Healing session rates are $200 per 50 minute hour
    • Sliding scale rates for Talk Therapy and Bodywork are available in three tiers between $160 and $175 per 50 minute hour
      • See below for details and application 
    • There are no sliding scale rates available for Executive Couching, Energy Healing, At Home or On Location sessions 
  • At your location visits are $240 per 60 minute hour, clock begins at time of arrival and ends at time of departure (no sliding scale options)
  • Travel fees may apply depending on location
  • For On Location rates and services, please contact Dr KD directly


  • Billing clock begins at the appointment start time and ends when the session concludes
  • Appointments are billed by the session
  • All sessions will be set at 50 minute, 80 minute or 110 minutes
  • Please be prompt as sessions which begin late due to client delay will conclude at the preset end time
  • There are no partial sessions with by-appointment clients: sessions which are cut short as determined by the client are charged in full

The Clock

  • Session Clock begins at the time the appointment has been set—late callers are billed for the wait time unless…. 
    • If you are running late and call at least one hour before your start time, when Dr. KD's schedule permits, your clock will be adjusted by the amount of time you estimate to be late
    • If, however, you are later than the estimation, the clock will start at the estimated time you provided, and you will be charged the difference; for by-session clients, your session will conclude 50 minutes after the time you provided

Sliding Scale Sessions & Rates

  • Sliding Scale rates are available to individuals who meet on a weekly basis, and to couples who meet at least every other week; a change in session frequency will revert your fee to full rate
  • All Sliding Scale Fees are paid in cash at the time of the session 
  • Sliding scale tiers
    • $175 for 50 minute hr 
    • $165 for 50 minute hr
    • $160 for 50 minute hr 
  • Couples Work sliding scale
    • Couple's Work sliding scale provides an 80 minute session at the 50 minute hour rate, which equates to: $265, $250, or $240 per 80 minute session 
  • To apply for a sliding scale slot
    1. Send an email describing your financial circumstances and how they relate to your therapeutic goals, if they don't relate, please state that in your application
    2. Please include a discussion about your needs and goals for our work together
    3. Also include how long you are requesting the sliding scale period to last—determined time frames will be re-evaluated at the end of that period
    4. Specify in your application which tier you are applying for so that we may properly evaluate your request
  • As a recap: there are four (4) areas to cover in your petition for a sliding scale, please review them and kindly address in detail all four issues in your submission, including your ability to pay in cash, Thank you —
  • Clients whose payable rate falls below the tiers are invited to apply and state the rate they feel would allow them to do sessions with consistency for the duration necessary to complete their goals
  • Unfortunately, not all applications can be approved

24-hour Cancellation Policy

  • Dr KD observes a strict 24-hour cancellation policy
    • Appointments which are not cancelled within 24-hours will be charged in full (by-minute appointments will be charged per the amount of time that had been set aside for you)
    • There are a limited number of session times available, other clients will be waiting to use the time if you are unable to keep your appointment; your 24 hr notice allows others to take the time slot
  • Late cancellations are not charged when they are due to illness or accident to yourself or a close family member (family member is defined as spouse, child, live in partner, and primary pets)
  • The cancellation fee may be waived for same-week reschedules when scheduling permits—while Dr KD will do her best to create a replacement time within the week, this waiver is a courtesy and is not part of the agreement

Communication Streams

  • Phone, email, text in any combination are acceptable forms of communication when discussing appointment times only, however:
    • No appointment changes are accepted via any form of communication unless they are confirmed by Dr. KD or one of her associates
    • When changing appointment times, it’s best to leave word on all forms of communication—this is not considered "overkill" as you never know what communication streams may be failing at any given moment
    • If you do not hear from anyone, assume your message has not been received and thus, Dr. KD is unable to accommodate your requested change


  • Payment is due at or before the time of your session
  • For Phone and Skype clients, payment must be received before your session time begins or your appointment will need to be rescheduled 
  • Payments are accepted via cash, check and Venmo; PayPal is available for international clients only
  • By-check clients who live at a distance may pay in advance for multiple sessions if they choose to minimize check writing and mail postings
  • Sliding scale clients are by cash only
    • International paying clients who must use credit card or PayPal will be charged the additional fees incurred by any payment method
  • Once a payment method has been established, you will receive details on how to execute your payment
  • Prompt payment is appreciated and is part of this agreement

Please email Dr. KD with any questions or clarification requests you may have. If you do not have any questions, and you wish to begin working with Dr. KD, please send an email confirming you have read, understood and agree to these terms before you attend your first session. We thank you for your cooperation!